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I’m Bella, a first-time mom to a baby boy who is halfway through to his “Terrible Twos”. I call him my Prince 😊

My husband’s background and mine is multi-racial/religious/ethnic/linguistic and we are lucky to be raising our son with a sense of love to everything familiar and anything different. Glad to say he’s already responding to the three languages we use to communicate with him at home.

Just like many of you, I’ve prepared myself for birth and labor (even had a doula) but overlooked other areas, important during the 4th semester and beyond. Motherhood should be intuitive after all, shouldn’t it? Absolutely not! I struggled with most “natural” motherly activities, erred, but ultimately figured it out as any other first-time mom does.

Thankfully, my life-work-school and travel balance prior to delivery, enabled me to bounce back quickly through the system I had set up for myself after scouring the 3Ws during sleepless nights to see what other moms did/do.

My goal is to share with first-time moms or even experienced ones time-management and productivity tools that can bring them balance and harmony to enjoy their bundles of joy. Nothing is set in stone, and every situation is unique. So, here is the ball. Run with it whichever way you want 😊

Here, I plan to share everything that helped me survive to save your sanity and time!

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