Tips For New Bloggers [My First Interview on a Podcast]

Disclaimer: None of the links below are affiliate links. I do not benefit in any way from you clicking on them or purchasing through them. It is a way to share my knowledge with the rest of you. Also, I want to thank  the host of Do You Even Blog, Pete McPherson for this awesome opportunity. Enjoy!

Almost a year ago, I decided to start a blog. In an attempt to learn how to build a blog and reach my desired audience, I consumed all I could find about blogging [still am too]. One of those sources was a podcast called Do You Even Blog, hosted by Pete McPherson.

In Feb, 2018, Pete called on new bloggers to contact him if they wish to be interviewed/consulted on his podcast and I jumped at the opportunity with a desperate email subject line

Pick me! Going cuckoo trying to start a blog

Long story short, Pete was kind enough to pick me (Yay me!) and last week, my interview went live. The episode is titled “How to Be Unique in a World Full of Redundant Content.” You can listen to the episode below. I am sure you’ll enjoy it!

Also, if you’re a new blogger, like yours truly, Pete has a fabulous mega-guide for learning how to start a blog. Check it out!

On to my first podcast adventure…

Behind The Scenes

The episode above is as raw as it gets. Nothing was edited, no outlines were shared, and we probably chatted for only a couple of minutes before recording so please excuse my constant complaining about my doctorate (it is difficult 😉 ), sighing, hmming, and my repeating myself 3 times, e.g. yes, yes, yes & go ahead, go ahead, go ahead.

The fault is all mine 🙂

Tips on Blogging

Want to know what tips I was given? Do yourself a favor and listen to the episode. The audio clip is right below

Pete & I discussed my niche, i.e. new moms and time management, visualization, anonymity, blogging as a minority and unique content.

For the blogging takeaway on how to produce unique content, head over to the episode’s post where Pete summarizes the recommendations he’s so kindly shared with me. I’ve learned a lot and hope you do as well!

For Pete’s suggestions on posts, anonymity & blogging as a minority, listen to the podcast by clicking on the audio above. They are very useful.

Below, I am offering my summary of some of the topics brought up by adding more information, links, etc that may be of help to some of you, especially moms.

Time/Energy Management & Productivity

During our chat, Pete suggested I should aim to have “10-ish posts” before venturing onto various social media platforms. It made a lot of sense. I needed to have some content before that interview went live. Who would find my new blog worth following if it had a handful of posts… or less?

A month later, however, I only had 3 posts! Where are your time management skills, Bella?

Well, my delay in publishing is not about time management. It is of 2 other important points; energy and priorities.

I decided that since energy is finite, distributing the remainder of my energy between my new blog and an upcoming spiritual commitment will yield unsatisfactory results on both fronts. One will have to give.

Ultimately, I decided to focus on my spiritual/religious commitment. As a Muslim who observes the Holy Month of Ramadan, it was the route to follow.

This decision goes back to the same question I suggested you ask yourself upon starting any task. What’s the goal? Which set of values are you adhering to and prioritizing?

During the whole month, I focused my energy on my priority task; my spiritual well-being. Blogging, at a full swing, wasn’t going to get a lot of my time or energy.

In the end, the choice I made perfectly aligned with my values and THAT deeper sense of self-content is very rewarding. I urge you to find the peace of mind and soul with everything you decide to undertake in life.

If you’ve got a clear picture of your core values, prioritization and decision-making will become much easier. Eventually, your time will be allocated to what matters the most to you and your family!


Want to achieve something in life? Imagine it!

Pete asked me about my source of energy/fire/drive. And as you’ll hear in the podcast, visualization is my engine.

Visualization is simply defined as guided imagery. You guide your mind and intentions into an image of your choosing. 

Do you want to have a vacation in Bora Bora (I want to so badly!!!!)? Imagine it! The beautiful waters, the cool breeze, the warm sun, the cozy bungalow, the swimsuits you’ll be wearing, the person you will be with (or alone … #mommyneedsalittletime), etc.

That’s the base of the “Law of Attraction” whereby we have the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on. Also, it is not for nothing that the saying goes “Be careful what you wish for.” Intentions and imagery are very powerful tools, both positively and negatively!

I intend to write a series of posts on visualization because I strongly believe in its power. Listen to the episode, Pete shares his experience as well!

Meanwhile, here are a couple links that I would recommend you check. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

Using Visualization for Manifestation  (The Law of Attraction)

Seeing is Believing: The Power of Visualization (Psychology Today)

Parenting Styles Around the Globe 

I may have mixed up which parents aren’t strict about their children’s bedtime and which are flexible with screen time, but the point still holds true. Parenting styles are as numerous and different as there are world cultures.

Just check this article on the Argentinian style.

Some cultures, like Middle Eastern which I am familiar with, as well as Italian, raise children to adapt to the adults’ lifestyle. Others change their entire life to adapt to the children’s needs. Neither is good or bad and both have pros and cons.

The list goes on with subjects like children’s activities, entitlement, independence, day-scheduling, discipline, etc. And the point is, all parents can learn from other parents, not only in their immediate circle, but from around the world.

My point of concern, as expressed in the episode, is the fear of offending some parents with my preferred parenting style (as I am learning this for the first time) which may be different than what they are used to, especially to manage time and productivity. Will my suggestions defy the norm? And what will happen if they do?

Listen to the episode to learn how Pete addressed that concern starting at minute 29.

Books & Authors Mentioned

Finish by Jon Acuff (and other books)

Purple Cow by Seth Godin (as well as other books)

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

Bloggers Mentioned 

Mike from Stupid Easy SEO. A blog on how to optimize SEO for bloggers. Mike even has a free e-book which is definitely on my list of sources to study.

Jenny from Good Life, Better . Jenny helps women thrive! Finances, health, career? She got your back.

Mike from Ninja Budgeter . A blogger from Canada who helps parents pay off debt and make mo’ money.

Silas and Grace from Chasing Foxes . A blog on anything and everything lifestyle. I love browsing it.

Ms. FAF from Frugal Asian Finance . Interesting blog on Asian way of being financially responsible.

Last but not least is Misty from Simple Organized Life Style . Misty was generous enough to contact me via email to bring up a point I had trouble with but was dismissive of; writing style. Ummm… how do you mean, you might ask. Well, it so happens that both Misty and I come from an academic background. And in her email, Misty wrote:

“a lot of writing in the beginning comes out like a mini-dissertation and it’s not what/how the majority of people want to consume content”

So very true! Thanks for sharing, Misty!


Blogging is a very rewarding experience especially if one addresses a certain need that people have. But in order to reach that audience a lot of work has to be done and decisions to be made. After all, people can trust your word only when they know you and find your content compelling.

I, for one, truly want to help new moms overcome hurdles they may encounter and share with them lessons I’ve learned.

If you’re a new blogger, or even a seasoned one [how did you even find my fledgling blog???], head over to Do You Even Blog podcast page and check out the episode and if you like it, share it with your followers, friends and family.

Sharing is caring!

On another note, if you’ve got any advice to share with me as a new mom and a new blogger, comment below. I would love to hear from you.










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