How Korean Skin Care Improved My New Mom Life

New Mom, Who Dis? Said almost every new mom to skin care.

Have you, as a mom, falsely convinced yourself that you have no time to have a proper skin care regimen? Do you blame yourself for spending money on self care products? Do you experience a sense of guilt and selfishness for doing something for yourself, let alone on a daily basis?

If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions (and we both know you did), you SHOULDN’T!

Self care is IMPORTANT , POSSIBLE and must be NON-NEGOTIABLE. 

It is true that all moms are busy juggling family obligations with work/school and children, and new moms have it even worse, but all the above excuses are nothing but that… excuses.

Listen to my takeaway!


Postpartum skin care shouldn’t take a lot of time or cost a fortune for it to be luxurious and effective. Nor should you feel stressed, ashamed and guilty for doing it.

Actually, you MUST do it!

Skin care takes minutes, is affordable and will tremendously help you unwind and relax.

My Journey Into Korean Skin Care

Nature has blessed me with the most fickle skin there is. Before my pregnancy, I could fry an egg or two with all the oil my skin was secreting #TMI. Nothing worked on it and along with all that oil came white heads and the rest of the gang.

Then, in my late 20s, I was blessed with cystic acne that prevented me from being able to sleep on my side as the pain of anything touching my cheeks was unbearable. After 3 months on antibiotics, they cleared up a bit but not without leaving craters, not to mention the damage those medications had on my body’s immunity.

I experimented with Accutane as well, but jumped ship after 2 weeks. I was just too scared.

Fast forward to my wedding preparations and I stumbled on a set of Korean sheet masks in Marshalls or Tjmaxx #deals. Gave them a try and I got hooked. It’s like those drugs, try them once and you’re trapped. But, hey, I am not considering quitting any time soon…

As I followed up on this new skin care trend, I learned a lot. Social media is full of Korean beauty / Asian Beauty skin care experts and I was single, with no children & hungry for more.

Today, my skin is the best it has ever been. Of course, nothing comes close to that pregnancy glow, but it’s second best (despite sleepless nights & sheer exhaustion of motherhood).

Even as my skin changed from oily to normal/dry after my baby was born, the transition was smooth, quick & certainly budget-friendly! Sephora VIB rouge, ta-ta!

Peach and Lily is one of my favorite websites to check. They even have their own line, Peach Slices which can be found in CVS. Affordable!

Korean Skin Care Saves Me TONS of Time

I think I know what you might be thinking now; how is it possible that a 10-step or 12-step skin care routine save time?! Not only will applying several products be time-consuming but also allowing each product to absorb stretches the time all moms so desperately need to save.

Well, let me put your mind at ease. The problem is not what you put on your face, or how many of these products.

The key point is how much of each product you use and how you apply it.

I used to think unless I slathered enough product to look like a grease ball, it won’t work. Now imagine how I looked with 2 or 3 products in copious amounts on top of each other. Believe me… not attractive, congested and actually useless.

With Korean skin care products and methods, what used to take me 30 minutes of a nightly regimen and a bit less for the morning, is now 10 minutes tops! And, I am very happy with it.

Here is why…

Potent Ingredients in Small Dosages

Asian skin care products have very potent ingredients in light consistency. Those could be fermented ones like mushrooms, honey propolis, lotus, snail mucin, ginseng, oat, pearl powder, aloe, and many others. These ingredients have properties that can deliver a punch in small dosages.

In my experience with most products a dime or a nickel size amount is just right. So when you use that little the products get absorbed fairly quickly. At times, it takes me less than a minute to move on from one layer to the next.

If the product is a tacky one that needs a bit longer … say two minutes, I move to my eye area, neck and/or decolletage, apply the same or different product there and by the time I’m finished, the tacky product would have been absorbed.

Pat, Don’t Rub

Another great time saver is the application method used by Asian beauties. Long gone are the days when I rubbed my poor skin with all the heavy products to force them into my skin. Boy, did I stretch this poor skin of mine!

But as I learned the best method to preserve the elasticity of your skin and aid in absorption is simply gentle patting with the whole palm.

Pat, press, 1,2,3 and my whole face is covered. Plus, the quality of the ingredients and the texture of Korean products help a lot.

Check this video to see the proper way to applying products

Korean Skin Care Saves Me Money

We all know that having a baby is expensive. Businesses take advantage of parents just like they do with weddings. But, that’s no excuse to neglect yourself and feel guilty in taking care of yourself and pampering her. Enter, Asian beauty products.

Affordable Prices for Excellent Products

Honestly, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to start a Korean beauty regimen. Sheet masks, for example, can be found for as a low as $3 US and of great quality. Generously sized essences and ampoules can be pretty affordable as well. However, if you choose to invest a bit more, think about how long the product will last you, which brings me to the following point.

Longevity of Use

With potent ingredients that you use little of in each application, Korean products last a loooong while! I have essences that I’ve been using for almost a year and they aren’t yet finished 🙂 Imagine stretching 30 dollars for six months, that’s 5 bucks a month! I won’t count how much that is in cents a day. You deserve more than that!

I even stretch a sheet mask. No, I don’t reuse them. That would be unsanitary IMO, although I have seen others who do… But, if you’ve used a quality “made in Korea” sheet mask, you’ll notice that they are saturated in essence.

So rather than having it dripping down my neck and go to waste, I make sure that when I’m pulling my sheet mask from the packaging, I press the opening of the packaging a bit to sort of squeeze the excess essence of the sheet back inside the package. Not too much though, I want the sheet mask to be well saturated, just not dripping.

I use the remainder of the essence inside the package for the next two days. And believe me, if you’ve got a quality mask, there’ll be enough. Clip the package, seal it in a zip lock bag, put it in the fridge and voila. $3 US for 3 applications on face, neck, decollete AND hands 😉

✨ Papa Recipe Bombee Sheet Masks Review ✨ I have heard so many good things about Bombee sheet masks, so I decided to give them a try. I grabbed 4 kinds awhile ago and have been testing out for the last 2 weeks. Here are some thoughts I want to point out. . 🌸 Key Ingredients:. Honey 🍯 extract & Propolis extract are the key ingredients which give the skin tons of nutritions. Not only that, these ingredients have excellent anti-inflammatory and anti-bacteria property, so it’s quite suitable for acne-prone skin as well. The natural pulp sheet is so thin and soft, soaked with full of essence. The mask fits very nicely on my face and I usually leave it for 20-30mins, plus I’m so in love with the scent of these masks, they smell so amazing, like real honey 🍯!. . 🌸 4 types that I’ve been testing:. • Bombee Honey Mask (Original). • Bombee Black Honey Mask (also contains Ceramide & Manuka Honey). • Bombee Brightening Honey Mask (also contains royal Jelly Extract, Diamond Powder & Niacinamide). • Bombee Rose Gold Honey Mask (also contains hydrating rose gold serum). . 🌸 Overall. I highly highly recommend these masks, they are really worth the hype. My skin feels so soft, glowy and highly nourished every time after using it. If have to choose, I think I will pick the original Honey Mask & Rose Gold one as my most favourites. The rose gold mask itself has a gold foil honeycomb print all over and can hold the serum so well and penetrate to skin easily. . ✨ Have you tried Bombee sheet mask yet? If yes, which one is your favourite?

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You can  follow #koreanskincare & other related ones you see in this post to see what’s popular and connect with brands with questions.

Korean Skin Care Killed My Guilt & Helped Me Relax

Let me preface by saying that I have experienced a lot of guilt in my initial mommy days for any minute I did anything for myself. And I mean ANYTHING.

I am not saying when my little Prince needed me, but when he was well fed and sound asleep, I had this inner evil voice telling me that I was a bad mom if I dared to spend an extra five minutes attending to myself with some self-care.

There was also a feeling of guilt for spending on myself, being it skin care or otherwise. Am I the only one?

That was stupid!

I quickly realized that self-love manifests in self-care. Happy, well-cared for mom will make a great mom who ditches victimhood and feelings of guilt. I also decided to dodge parental burnout from spending all my days and nights tending to my baby.

This mommy, like all other moms, needs some time off. For EVERYONE’S sake!

If I continued to only be a mom (and not a woman in her own right), I knew that I’ll eventually burn out all my energy.

Self care to reignite my energy was a NEED, not a WANT.

Where does Korean skin care fit in with this?

First, I didn’t have to feel guilt with the time & money I needed to tend to myself. Second, it helped me relax.

It’s in the sensory pleasures of Korean products. Visual, olfactory, tactile. Have you seen how adorable their packages are? So cute! There is a little girl deep inside me :-).

The smells of Korean products that I use also really relax me. Lavender, honey, aloe. But there are unscented products as well, if that’s what you prefer. The texture of the products is also very soft, light, and not heavy and greasy. Some, however, can be sticky.

All these elements really tickle me pink. The 10 minutes I spend doing a skin care routine either in the morning or at bedtime, are important and valuable to me.

And when it’s a sheet mask day, forget it! I’m on cloud number 9! A mini spa treatment that I deserve and so do you and you and you!

Too many exclamation points, I know, but it’s the excitement.

I actually look forward to that time of the day. Every. Single. Day. It’s a way for me to put the day behind me, de-stress, and pamper myself.

Final Words

If you skimmed through the post, you may have missed my takeaway that’s more important than the type of skin care products you use.

Here it is again in my audio message



Have you used, or been using Asian/Korean skin care products? Which ones? Did you notice that they are less time consuming than other products? Less expensive? More effective? What do you use for your postpartum skin care?

I’d love to hear which ones you like the most (to check out and add to my arsenal of course 🙂 )

Perhaps you have other cheap and affordable ways to self-care. Share them with me and other moms who read this blog!

Stay gorgeous! You’re SO MUCH WORTH IT, MAMA!

Much love 🙂

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